The Agro-Ecology Section has been divided into 7 agro-ecology zones to facilitate the equitable distribution of resources and services taking into account catchments, road access and logistics, farmer association areas.

Northdene Agroecology Research & Development Centre 
A production hub is being established at the old Northdene waterworks. This hub will drive innovation and provide material support to implement the polycultural delivery for the Agro-Ecology section. Currently a fish hatchery and broodstock ponds for the Aquaculture programme and nurseries for plant propagation have been developed. It also consists of a seed bank, tissue culture and other laboratories for research processes used by various tertiary institutions.



Newlands-Mashu Permaculture Centre – East zone hub 
As the hub for the East agri-zone it continues as a site of Permaculture demonstration and learning. Many volunteers work in the gardens to take produce home as well as distributing to social facilities in the area. A pilot baffle bioreactor unit has been built to process sewage from 83 adjacent homes to produce biogas and nutrient-rich water. 

Inchanga – North zone hub 
Land with a small house has been acquired alongside the taxi rank for upgrading as a training and operational base for the northern agro-zone horticulturist. The development of demonstration gardens has begun. 

Scorpio Place in Mariannridge – Central zone hub 
This small but established hub offers on-site training and a demonstration garden. Support is also provided for various value-adding initiatives. 

This small but established hub offers on-site training and demonstration gardens. Bee Farming has also been established at this site.

Umbumbulu – South Zone hub 
This hub provides a training, packing, and marketing and coordination venue for growers in Wards 96, 98 and 100 to mention a few. Small scale growers are currently receiving direct training, ongoing mentoring and marketing support


Hambanathi Agro-Ecology Hub
Used as training and resource centre in the Northern Agricultural Zone where all gardeners can be trained into successful commercial farmers. The Hub also consists of a Rural Aquaculture pond which is been managed by the co-ops in the area.