Fighting Crime through Community Participation

This is the question we are often faced with as strive to create a better quality of life for our people. We all know that crime is cited in surveys as the most common reason for dissatisfaction within an area.

The eThekwini municipality has been involved in the Safer Cities Project since 2000 and it aims to ensure that every citizen within the eThekwini municipality is safe and shares a common understanding on security issues. The Safer Cities Unit which is housed in the Safety and Security cluster and embraces the vision of the eThekwini Municipality which states that:-

By 2010, eThekwini Municipality will enjoy the reputation of being African’s most liveable city, where all citizens live in harmony. This vision will be achieved by growing its economy and meeting people’s need so that all citizens enjoy a high quality of life with equal opportunities in a city they are truly proud of.