Social Crime Prevention focuses on the social and economic conditions that contribute to violent and criminal behaviour. Emphasis is on vulnerable groups: physical challenged, women, children, and the aged.

Some of the programmes include victim empowerment by providing well managed crisis care centres at police station.

Raising awareness on substance abuse is another issue by partnering with other departments and forming Local Drug Action Committees.

The Safer Cities Unit also supporting efforts to create safer school environment by arranging visits by various stakeholder agencies to address the schools to:

  • Promoting pedestrian and general road safety
  • Discussing issues of trouble families and teaching the students coping mechanisms. Also making resources available to them discussing the issue of substance abuse
  • Discussing issues of violence and gangsterism
  • Use of Weapons and Crime Prevention Awareness

Ensuring the rights of Child are upheld is also an important part of social crime prevention.

Example of projects undertaken by the Safer Cities Unit

  • Scholl Safety
  • Street Beggars
  • Substance Awareness Campaigns
  • Anti Rape Strategy
  • Child abuse and Sexual Offences Awareness