Crime prevention means many things to many people. Essentially it is about stopping crime before it happens rather than reacting afterwards. This is the paradigm shift from the traditional view of crime prevention as a police activity which focuses on the perpetrator.

There is now a more holistic approach a Multi Agency Disciplinary Approach Mechanism (MADAM) which has been supported by the National Crime Prevention Strategy. The role at Safer Cities is the therefore to facilitate the interaction of these multi agency role-players: health, emergency services, Metro Police, SAPS, Education, Engineers, CBO’s, NPO’s etc

The National Crime Prevention Centre’s Manual for Community Based Crime Prevention entitled “Making South Africa Safe” emphasizes that reducing crime and building safer Communities is a priority for every citizen. To make this happen, crime prevention must be initiated at communication level. Local government is best suited for this so the eThekwini Municipality has embarked on developing Crime Prevention Strategy, which addresses these components:

  • Effective Policing and Crime Prevention
  • Targeted Social Crome Prevention
  • Better Design and Management of Public spaces (Environmental Design)
  • Research and Crime Analysis
  • Community Involvement in Safety