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November 05
Engage with City to address service delivery concerns

WHILE the Bill of Rights makes provision for residents to demonstrate, picket and petition, they do not have the right to destroy property.There have been many service delivery protests in various wards where protestors have de-stroyed public amenities to express their frustration and unhappiness.

It is unlawful to barricade roads, loot shops, interrupt traffic flow and attack motorists who are not part of the protest. We fully under-stand that while government has made strides to deliver services to poor communities, much more still needs to be done.  Where there are challenges, we expect residents to use the proper channels to voice their grievances.

Residents of eThekwini expect us to create an environment where hope for a better life becomes a reality. We have a duty to replace despair and hopelessness evident in some communities with hope and optimism by ensuring we deliver adequate services. The public protests that have engulfed the City recently are an indication that people expect nothing from us except service delivery.

There are many channels through which residents must lodge their complaints before embarking on service delivery protests. These include:

  • Write a notice to the local coun-cillor, war rooms, ward committee or community development workers advising them about your concerns/challenges;
  • Municipal Rapid Response Team, Integrated Complaints Manage-ment System (suggestion boxes, telephone calls, emails and social media pages), help desks, toll free hotlines, Batho Pele and Sizakala Customer Care Centres. 
  • If there is no joy from the ward  councillor, esca-late the matter to the Office of the Speaker;
  • Failing to get a response from the Office of the Speaker, the matter must be elevated to the Office of the Mayor;
  • Subsequent to the Municipality’s failure to respond, an application for a strike must be made at the nearest police station. Residents must produce evidence as proof that they have exhausted all avenues to have their challenges/issues addressed. Upon granting the right to strike there are stringent conditions attached to the permission such as no destruction to public and private properties and no disturbance to members of the public;
  • It is a crime to participate in an illegal strike.

Communities are encouraged to notify the Municipality when intending to protest in order to get protection. The Municipality will provide guidelines as per by-laws and guide protesters to march along the safest route provided by the Municipality. It is important to note that a protest should not impede on the rights of others.

Councillors are central to creating a good relationship with their constituencies. We believe councillors should cement a reciprocal relationship between themselves and community structures within the ward in order to address simmering tensions.

This can be achieved through transparent monthly meetings where residents can raise their concerns openly.  Municipalities must not wait until they are told by residents where there are challenges. In fact, municipalities should always ensure service delivery is being expediated in all areas. 


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