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November 20
Together we can nip fraud and corruption in the bud

AS the world continue to celebrate 100 years of Nelson Mandela, what comes to my mind is describing him as a principled man who understood the significance of accountability and the rule of law. This is the real revolutionary who sacrificed both his and family welfare solely to free a black man.

After spending years in prison he never gave up the fight against injustice until we all got our political freedom. Madiba was a global icon that taught all of us that we are equal before the law irrespective of the positions we may hold in society. He walked the talk and we all remember him demonstrating the courage of his convictions by submitting himself before the courts when summoned to defend his decision to set up a commission to investigate alleged racism, corruption and nepotism in South African rugby.

So who are we not to emulate the father of our nation who not even once was implicated in corruption that has become so synonymous with our society? It is unrelenting and it is perpetrated against the existence of laws that governs how we should conduct ourselves as government officials and politicians. Between 11 and 17 November, we kick started activities to commemorate International Fraud Awareness Week. The latter is commemorated globally to among others draw the attention of the world to fraud and corruption that has condemned the poor to permanent state of grinding poverty.

Our Municipality has taken position to the effect that it will fight tooth and nail to remove any hurdles on its journey to develop scores of poor people that were neglected by the apartheid order. Fraud and Corruption is among such hurdles and our City is making tremendous progress, thanks to our City’s Integrity and Investigations Unit (CIIU). The CIIU’s mandate is to tackle fraud, corruption and maladministration.

I am very impressed with its outreach programmes that are aimed to creating awareness in our communities about dangers of this scourge. I am pleased to announce that we are the first Municipality to establish a Disciplinary Board which attends to cases of financial misconduct. By having these structures in place we are demonstrating to the world that we are determined to run a clean Municipality. Our City will forever detest fraud and corruption because it steals and deprives poor people of basic serves they desperately need.

In conclusion, I would like to draw the attention of our residents that our Municipality accounts for a substantial number of voters that have not yet visited the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to register their addresses. We must all remember that the IEC is not going to allow anyone to vote if their addresses are not available. Let us register our addresses and check our details at IEC offices.


Re: Together we can nip fraud and corruption in the bud

Nelson Mandela’s revolutionary life is picture-perfect. You have chosen an excellent person to make an example out of. Despite his departure from earth, Nelson Mandela’s stature as a principled son of the National Democratic Revolution (NDR) remains preeminent and outstanding and that is why I commend you for benchmarking the ideal conduct of society to Nelson Mandela’s persona.

Fraud and corruption has generally been recognised by many as a serious scourge that is plaguing our fledgling democratic state and it hampers effective transformation of the economy. I therefore commend the municipality for taking a hard stance against fraud and corruption. In the similar vein, it is not necessary to engage in fraud and corruption to advance black economic empowerment. Black economic empowerment can be achieved by following to the tee all the legal prescripts. I therefore implore municipal officials particularly those who are involved in supply chain management to find creative and innovative ways to galvanise black economic empowerment without finding themselves on the wrong side of the law.

There is nothing wrong with awarding various business forums municipal contracts when such is done in accordance with the law. It is actually a constitutional duty of any organ of state including the municipality to effect black economic empowerment so that substantive equality as envisaged by the Constitution can be realised. If I were working for the municipality I would see to it that black economic empowerment is achieved but of course by treading on a tightrope within a framework of inclusivity i.e. without others feeling neglected.

What is an abomination is stealing from the poor, where contracts are not awarded at competitive prices but within a process that is devoid of fairness, justice and equity. Venality is also a problem which has been a downfall of many government officials. I hate to hear that a government or municipal official has been dismissed because of some sort of misfeasance linked to procurement. I believe that as a government functionary one should not be pliable to impropriety or undue influence but should be able to carry out one’s functions without any expectation of a quid pro quo.

Makamisa Majola
 on 11/20/2018 12:59 PM

Re: Together we can nip fraud and corruption in the bud

The objectification of students in the academic space in relation to the auditing profession remains a problem for UICD. The objectification of students is when students are reduced to numbers by certain rogue elements in certain academic institutions that are in cohort with the white monopoly capital (WMC). This is particularly the case in auditing related qualifications that will take a student to a particular auditing profession.  Students are reduced to objects as if they do not have feelings and intelligence to be classified as human beings. The efforts, emotions and financial resources they put in count for nothing. The sad part of this collaboration between the rogue elements in academia and the WMC is that it has the effect of undermining democracy of the country. Undermining democracy entails the violation of the Constitution. Remember, democracy and Constitution goes in tandem. This violation is done in the name of protecting the premium of the auditing profession. Which one is more important between the fundamental rights such as human dignity as entrenched in the Bill of Rights and the premium of the auditing profession? 

This thing has been going on for so many years and nobody has questioned it hitherto. We have organs of state that supports our democracy and state agencies established to investigate impropriety in the public administration but nothing has been done about this matter. Why have the state agencies not investigated this matter? Are they in the pocket of the WMC? Are we in a situation where some are more equal than others?

Allegations of impropriety by external auditors in relation to the VBS bank and Gupta linked companies have emerged but no report of arrest of the partners of these auditing firms has emerged. I do not recall of any report of external auditors involved in the Shhabir’s company going to prison. The question is why? Why the arrests have not been effected when others get arrested before investigations are completed and then get granted bail while the investigations are on-going. I have too many questions without answers. How do we protect our democracy from scrupulous elements?

It looks like the Constitution is not an important piece of legislation. We have state agencies whose mandate is to protect democracy but the violation thereof is continuing with impunity. Remember it is impossible to have a legitimate democracy without observance of the country’s constitution. The question to those who identify with my concerns, how do we stop the desecration and violation of the Constitution by those who are respected in society?

There are students who were passed not knowing the true reason behind their pass. Kuyavela la that the WMC influenced elements in the academia passed certain individuals just to spite me. At some point they even went to the extent of creating special exams over and above supplementary examinations in order to achieve this purpose! However as show of love I congratulated all those individuals without telling them what was happening behind the scenes; had I done so, it would not have served any purpose I suppose but would have been seen as sour grapes on my part.  But the overarching question here is how do we protect students who are the nemesis of the WMC against WMC’s external interference in their studies?

Kuyavela la, there was a person (old black man) dark in complexion who was carrying Nokia 9500 either in 2007 or 2008 who was keeping tabs on me. He can be seen at St George (Durban) making a phone call. Seemingly, he was working for a certain state agency. I am looking for this person and I want to ask him questions. In the same period, on Broad Street, I can see two black BMW X5’s with Gauteng number plates whose occupants have an interest in me. If you can find this chap please let me know.

From we are seated as public representatives of Umlazi Institute for the Advancement of Constitutional Democracy in South Africa, we will continue to view universities as political instruments of the white monopoly capital rather than as genuine academic institutions until such time they are divorced from the white monopoly capital and the reform of the auditing profession is completed. Even if I had said or done something which the WMC did not like, there is nothing that can justify the violation of the Constitution.

Makamisa Majola
031 NUZ
 on 11/22/2018 2:17 PM

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Re: Together we can nip fraud and corruption in the bud

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Re: Together we can nip fraud and corruption in the bud

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Re: Together we can nip fraud and corruption in the bud

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Re: Together we can nip fraud and corruption in the bud

In Durban, I once had a conversation with someone who brought it to my attention, in a community meeting environment, that Mr X had never run a successful business. All his businesses resulted in failure but he had a lot of money and continued driving upmarket vehicles. It looks like somebody eavesdropped on our conversation and alerted Mr X because subsequent to this conversation Mr X disposed all his businesses, properties and vehicles and went underground and disappeared into a void, but he is not an underground intellectual.

Those who come across him say he now uses public transport. Uyadidisa ufeleba.

Makamisa Majola
031 NUZ
 on 11/26/2018 1:21 PM


If there are many sad stories, share it with the people you trust. Sharing helps people get closer together and you also relieve some of that sadness.
 on 11/27/2018 11:32 AM
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