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November 05
City’s Economic Council plots the way forward

We recently held the inaugural meeting as members of the eThekwini Economic Council (EEC). The meeting was significant because it presented us with an opportunity to chart a new economic path for the City, thus bringing renewed hope to the residents of eThekwini Municipality of a bright and prosperous future.

The EEC was launched in September and as members we are fully committed to seeing this Council succeed in reviving the economy of the Municipality and creating sustainable jobs. The time has come to act on the task that lies ahead of us.

As we formulate strategies and design our programme of action as a collective, we will encounter challenges and, at times, will not agree. But, our common goal – which is to revive the economy of the City and improve the lives of our people should always be the guiding principle of Council engagements.

As the leadership of the City, we have already laid a solid foundation to help as we navigate through this difficult period of Covid-19. As we drive this socio-economic recovery, we must prioritise radical socio-economic transformation interventions and this Council must provide guidance in the implementation thereof, ensuring that there is a coherent and seamless execution of these interventions.

EThekwini has put forward an Economic Recovery Plan that has been praised by National Treasury and work has begun to ensure that we move from the short term Economic Recovery Plan to a longer term plan that is ambitious and targeted at addressing the current fault lines in the economy. As the leadership of the Municipality, we fully understand that without a conducive environment to do business, our efforts to grow the economy will not succeed.

That is why we remain unwavering in our posture to eradicate all forms of crime including corruption. Improved access to basic services such as water, electricity and refuse removal is also critical to attract investment in the City.

Government cannot address these challenges alone. It is only by working together through social compacts such as the ECC, that we can rebuild our economy. As part of translating our plans into action, we are finalising the process of establishing a Mayoral Jobs Creation and Skills Revolution War Room which will work closely with this Economic Council.

The War Room will focus on, among other things, implementation of decisions emanating from this Council within specified time frames. Now is the time for radical action. People want to see change and this Council gives us an opportunity to act with urgency and make a difference.


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