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September 25
Administration’s first year in office yields positive results

When the African National Congress deployed us to the Municipality on 5 September 2019, the directive was to stabilise the City and reposition it to better respond to challenges of service delivery, economic growth and job creation.

I am pleased to report that in a short space of time, we have been able to to do this. Over the past two weeks we have been engaging with the business sector. Recently we launched the eThekwini Economic Council that brings together different stakeholders to unlock the economic potential of the City and create jobs. This council must create a positive investor climate in eThekwini and position the City as an investment destination of choice.

It is important to indicate that this is one of the commitments we made last year when we took office, indicating our intention to create a platform where all social partners sign a social compact to boost the economy and create jobs. There is a turnaround plan to upgrade the water infrastructure. The plan includes the implementation of the Western and Northern aqueduct project at an estimated cost of R2 billion that will bring relief to communities affected by intermittent water supply. As the country continues to experience power outages which impacts the functioning of water reservoirs, the City has procured generators for eight reservoirs in the south and north of Durban.

In areas where there is inadequate water infrastructure, the City has procured an additional 30 water tanks. This has increased the total number of the fleet from 88 to 103. This will certainly help more people to access water, particularly in the deep rural areas. To prevent illegal electricity connections, the City has embarked on an intensive programme to allow residents to apply for electricity installation by following the proper channels.

The City has also developed a comprehensive education and awareness campaign to sensitise the public about the dangers of illegal connections. Annually, the City loses R250 million as a result of technical and nontechnical faults caused by illegal connections and the by-passing of meters. The recently released Auditor-General report indicated that eThekwini is one of the leading municipalities in the country in terms of irregular expenditure.

To this end, we have convened a workshop with senior management and have developed practical plans to address irregular expenditure. The plan includes early warning systems to detect irregular expenditure, applying consequence management for officials implicated in wrongdoing and weekly meetings with senior management to assess the progress on the implementation of the plan.

We will also be reducing the over-reliance on consultants and develop a solid and credible contract management system.


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