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May 12
20th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution

​THE 8th of May 2016, marked the 20th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution in South Africa, which was one of the significant turning points in the struggle for freedom in our country. This remarkable milestone also coincides with the local government elections taking place on August 3 which are instruments of democracy. Today, South Africa is a free country and people have the right to choose who they should entrust the local government affairs of the country with.

This is an opportunity not only to celebrate 20 years of the Constitution, freedom and democracy, but to reflect on how South Africa`s freedom was achieved. South Africa’s Constitution is considered by many as one of the most progressive and advanced in the world, including a Bill of Rights that protects the constitutional freedom of all South Africans.

Workers’ struggle for freedom
Since our first democratic elections in 1994, the working class in South Africa commemorates Workers’ Day on 1 May, also known as May Day. On this day, we celebrate the role played by trade unions and other labour movements in the fight against South Africa’s apartheid regime-a system of racial segregation which oppressed the black majority.

Workers and labour unions actively fought against the apartheid government and its racial policies in South Africa. Workers’ Day was one of the days used by the working class to mobilise resistance against the apartheid government. Therefore, it was befitting and prudent that our democratic government chose to commemorate this day following the inevitable demise of an oppressive regime.

Workers’ Day has been used by the working class across the world, to emphasize the need to establish fair labour practices and employment standards. But more importantly to instill a culture of human dignity and uphold workers’ rights as enshrined in our Constitution. EThekwini Municipality continues to work tirelessly to overcome the massive inequalities, unemployment, the economic, political and social legacies of apartheid.

Radical economic transformation
South Africa’s history of division, injustice and suffering ought to inspire us to promote the spirit of Ubuntu (humanity). It is important for all South Africans to embrace each other’s differences and focus more on using our diverse skills and expertise to promote radical economic transformation, rapid economic growth and job creation.



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