R18m Funding For Thrifty LED Robots 


The Energy Office has secured R25-million from the National Treasury for energy efficient projects. The funds will be used for lighting projects, including street lights, building lights, and traffic lights. The Municipality will spend R18.2- million to retrofit traffic lights with LED lights. They are about 850 intersections with robots in eThekwini, using about 6.3GWh a year.

Andrew Aucamp, eThekwini Transport Authority Manager, said, “Pilot projects to determine energy savings and reliability started in 2002 and results have shown that there is value in changing to LED type lamps.” He said a pilot project was implemented in 2005 and to date 400 intersections have been completed. LEDs use 80% less electricity than incandescent globes, are more visible, and have a five-year life span instead of three to four months. This means LEDs, although more expensive than incandescent globes, offer substantial safety and maintenance benefits in addition to energy savings.