City Planning Commission
City Planning Commission aims to guide the long-term growth and development of our region in a strategic direction that will ensure that eThekwini becomes a world class city that competes globally. The overarching strategic objective of the City Planning Commission is to act as an independent & expert advisory think-tank to the leadership and administration of eThekwini Municipality aimed at propelling long-term, holistic and catalytic socio-economic development of Durban and its people.

Long-term planning must ensure that high economic growth rates are achieved, linked with the creation of decent, sustainable jobs; economic prosperity and an absolute reduction of poverty and inequities based on spatial, gender, income and racial differentiations. 
The 2014 – 2018 Commission completed a Story Line Diagnostic, which has paved the way for the compilation of a City Development Strategy.  The new City Planning Commission begins their 3-year term of office from July 2019 – June 2021. The chief and urgent task of this Commission is to lead with the preparation of an inclusive and comprehensive Implementation Strategy for the City Development Strategy and the Monitoring of the strategy thereafter.
Their work will help eThekwini Municipality achieve its vision of being Africa’s most caring and liveable city, in which all citizens live in harmony.