The Legal Support Unit provides all clusters and officer of the Mayor, Speaker and City Manager with dedicated support.The Legal Support Unit provides all Clusters and Offices of the Mayor, Speaker and City Manager with dedicated support. The Unit has achieved many targets in particular, strengthening the work relationship between Legal Services and other Units.
The Unit has does legal work for all key Units such as Supply Chain Management, Real Estate, Business Support and other Units. Legal Support conducts research on some of the municipal legislation and policies as and when it is required, these functions are carried out by legal advisors on a regular basis and in order to ensure professionalism and quality.
The Unit is also involved in draft opinions and legal advice; legal advisors check the work before it is sent to internal clients. They improve and monitor productivity and skills, effective team working, counseling of underperformers and evaluating of service with staff, which is part of the review and development of clusters. The Units promotes great interchangeability of support functions already achieved.