Procedures for reporting Maladministration, Fraud and Corruption
All complaints relating to fraud and any form of corruption must immediately be reported to the   City Integrity and Investigations
How much will it cost me to get help?
  • All services rendered by the City Integrity and  Investigations are absolutely free

Where to report acts of maladministration against Councillors

  • Any complaint with regards to acts of Maladministration, fraud or corruption against the Councillors must first be reported to the office of the Honourable Speaker for eThekwini Municipality at 1st  floor City Hall or  031-3112004

With regards to complaints other than fraud or corruption, internal remedies existing in each Department must be exhausted before referring your complaint to the City Integrity and Investigations 
  • You should speak to official(s) involved or, if that does not help,
  • Communicate your complaint to the person in charge of  the said official(s) such as the Head
  • Only if you are still unsatisfied with the Head’s  decision, that you may then refer your complaint to Head: City Investigations

Examples of Maladministration are:
  • Abuse of power
  • Failure by management to adequately monitor compliance with procedures and policies in the interaction between the administration and customers
  • Knowingly giving misleading or inadequate advice
  • Lack of proper care in carrying out duties
  • Neglecting to inform a complainant about his/her rights or entitlement
  • Non compliance with PAIA (Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000
  • Non compliance with PAJA( Promotion of Administrative Justice Act)
  • Offering no redress or manifesting disproportionate redress
  • Omitting to identify channels of redress and thereby causing the citizen to lose the right of appeal
  • Refusal to answer reasonable questions
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Undue delay in responding to concerns by customers
  • Unfair discrimination
  • Unjust refusal to render services due to customers

Examples of conduct that must be reported are:

  • Accepting or giving anything of material value to obtain undue favour or to avoid issuing of traffic fines etc.
  • Any breach of Municipal Finance Management Act
  • Any breach of Supply Change Management Policy