A booklet titled Guide to Tendering is aimed at small and medium enterprises and explains the ways in which these enterprises can work with the city, where to find out about municipal contracts and how the municipality's approved list works. 

Targeted procurement

The information contained in this document assists with the understanding of policy and the points / preference scoring method used by the municipality.

Information assurance guide for SMMEs

Increasingly, the municipality wants to maximise the benefits of information and communication technology. What this means in practice is that more use will be made of email, the internet, electronic order processing and ultimately on-line accounts payments.

The guide has been produced for small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs), and aimed at SMMEs wanting to do business with the municipality.

This guide sets out the minimum standards that the municipality expects from its contracting partners.

Award appeal procedure

For all public tenders a tenderer can appeal within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of letter of proposed award issued via registered mail. 

All contract documents outline this appeal process in detail, including the contact person and address.

Access to information

The Access to Information Act gives a general right of access to all recorded information held by public authorities, sets out exemptions from that and places a number of obligations on public authorities.

It places obligations on public authorities about the way in which they provide information.

It creates a duty to provide advice or assistance to anyone seeking information (for example in order to explain what is readily available or to clarify what is wanted).

The two major concerns surrounding procurement are confidentiality and commercial interests.


A newsletter is written for firms on the municipality’s Approved List to provide information and areas of interest to businesses.