One of our ongoing challenges is to ensure that ways are found to make it as easy as possible for customers to pay their monthly bills. Here are some of the current options:

YOU CAN CHECK THE BALANCE AND RECEIVE NOTIFICATIONS HERE ONLY: Via the Internet Query your account balance here. Please note that this database is only updated once a month
Sign up for electronic notification of accounts here.
Direct Debit

Long regarded as the safest and most convenient payment method. More than 33 000 current customers have authorised an automatic deduction from a nominated bank account each month in payment of each Metro bill. Then customers only need to ensure that sufficient funds are available in that bank account on the agreed date each month. No further effort is necessary, and customers need not be concerned about making these monthly payments. Maximum withdrawal limits are available to ensure the customers’ monthly budgets are respected.
All customers who have bank accounts are encouraged to seriously consider moving to the debit method, as it really is a simple option!
Contact the Revenue Department, Tel 031 324 5000- and the application/ authorisation form will be posted or faxed - and any further assistance the customer might need, will be provided. What could be easier?
Electronic Payments

It has been encouraging to note the recent growth in the number of business and residential customers who are now opting to pay their bills via the internet or electronic transfer facilities that are being offered by the various banking institutions.
However, customers who use this payment option are reminded that payment receipt is not instantaneous, and several days delay can occur between the customer’s payment authorisation and the Department receiving the funds via the banking institution.
It is absolutely vital that the customer’s name and account number are correctly included in the authorisation instructions. If these are missing or incorrectly recorded, the account will NOT be credited, and the customer will be in arrears.
Our Banking Details:

Bank: Nedbank
Account Beneficiary Name: eThekwini Municipality
Account Number: 1107821126​
S A Post Office:
Bills can be paid at any post office facility throughout the country, and this option is widely used. Most payments made are received within a day or two - and this method has proved to be popular for the payment of current bills. Customers who choose this option are reminded that all cheque payments made at these facilities should be made payable to The Postmaster.

Bills can also be paid through the EasyPay system. This system was initially limited to Pick & Pay outlets countrywide, but has recently been expanded to the Shoprite/Checkers outlets as well. These facilities are ideal for our customers who like to pay their bills outside normal office hours. Cheques rendered in payment of bills should be made out to the retailer concerned. Please note that credit card payments are also accepted at these venues, although the Council has introduced a maximum limit of R2 500 per credit card transaction per account per month - and the limit is strictly monitored.
About EasyPay
EasyPay is a free service for paying accounts and purchasing prepaid services. The service was developed and is maintained by TranSwitch Services (Pty) Ltd, a company within Prism Holdings Limited.
EasyPay allows you to pay many types of accounts, including local authority accounts, Eskom and Telkom. A full list of the Receivers whose accounts can be paid using the Easypay facility is given under Receivers in the Help.
To pay an account using EasyPay you need the EasyPay number that appears on the bottom of the account that you wish to pay.
Off-line Municipal Offices

Facilities to pay our bills are available at the municipal offices at Kingsburgh, Westville, Hillcrest, Verulam, Tongaat, Shallcross, and certain zonal offices at Inanda Newtown, Ntuzuma, KwaMashu and Umlazi. These facilities remain "off-line" however, and are most suitable for the payment of current bills only.
On-line Municipal Offices
Please note that the Revenue Banking Halls at Umlazi, Chatsworth, Phoenix, Martin West Building, and the Electricity Service Centres at Isipingo, Pinetown, Besters Camp, and NMR Avenue are all "on-line" facilities, and payments made at these points are processed promptly onto the billing system. Customers who are already in arrears with an account payment and fear immediate disconnection of services are urged to use these on-line facilities for payment.
The One-Stop Centre at Umlazi due to open this year, will also provide on-line facilities. Watch the press for further details on this development. The Revenue Department’s payment network is extensive, and we do appreciate the vast number of our customers who use the available facilities to pay our monthly bills within the due dates specified.