The council has, since 1962, operated a scheme of self insurance and obtained reinsurance cover against the risk of catastrophic loss. Comprehensive risk coverage is provided in respect of both Council owned assets and employees.
Public liability cover is provided in respect of claims made against the Council for damages consequent upon the actions or negligence of Council employees or damage caused by Council owned assets. In addition the Council also provides Houseowners Comprehensive Insurance cover for Purchasers of homes in Council constructed Housing projects.
Members of the public wishing to lodge a claimed against the Council for damage caused to themselves or their properties by Council owned assets or by Council employees are required to submit a fully motivated claim using the applicable one of the two claim forms as mentioned above.
Claims submitted are recorded and acknowledged

Download Insurance forms here:


Claims must be submitted to:

Postal address:


The Executive Director
Corporate Financial Services
PO Box 1514


031 - 311 1376
Telephone enquiries:
031 311 1551/2