The purpose of the Treasury cluster is to provide an efficient and effective financial and consultancy service to management to assist in enabling them to effectively manage the process of delivering services in a transparent, sustainable and cost effective manner, thus contributing to improve quality of life.



Key Performance Areas
  • Compilation and presentation of Annual Financial Statements.
  • Compilation and presentation of Annual Capital and Operating Statements.
    Financial Administration of assets.
  • Fund accounting administration services.
  • Administration of the Municipality’s Corporate Loans and Investment Portfolios.
  • Daily Cash flow management.
  • Revenue billing and collection.
  • Pension Fund Administration.
  • Administration of the Insurance Portfolio and Insurance Fund.
Strategic Objectives
  • Budget reforms and Financial Planning
  • Implementation of Generally Accepted Municipal Accounting Practices (GAMAP)
  • Provide comprehensive cover for the assets and personal accident cover of employees of the Municipality.
  • Insure the Municipality against third party claims.
  • The replacement of all inherent billing /revenue systems with a single comprehensive system.
  • New policies, procedures and processes.
Programmes to Achieve Objectives
  • The establishment of Project teams to address the implementation of GAMAP and Budget Reforms.
  • The adoption on an Investment and Borrowing Policy for the Municipality.
  • Competitive premium charges to departments to ensure that the General Insurance Fund is fully funded.
  • Projects in progress to introduce a comprenhesive revenue system
    Electricity, water, Rates complete.
  • Now focusing on Sundry Accounts, Housing Rentals and Business Levies.
Outsourced Services
  • Arrear debtors collection
  • Loss adjusting services
  • Insurance cover for risks where costs are recovered.
  • Portion of the Investment Portfolio.


Statistical Information
Average number of insurance claims processed per annum: 9 000
Pension Fund
No. of employee members (Pension Fund):9 034
No. of Pensioner members: 11 448
Rates - Credit Control
No of ratepayers: 391 586
Average no. of bills despatched each month: 460 000
Average C.I.F. Rate of Return: 12.5%
Revenue - Business Levies
No. of levy payers: 55 406
Accounts Payable
Average no. of monthly payments: (Cheque): 35 60